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Maryland Watchdog Group Takes Its Message to the Statehouse

MDCALA's mobile billboardMDCALA's mobile billboard

Maryland Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (MDCALA) has launched a campaign to take the stop lawsuit abuse message directly to the front doorstep of Maryland's legislators. Starting yesterday, a MDCALA-sponsored mobile billboard truck began circling the Statehouse in Annapolis displaying the message:

Lawsuit Abuse Kills Jobs - Lawsuit Abuse Costs Us $$$ - Legislators, It's Time to Stop Lawsuit Abuse!
Like many other states - lawsuit abuse is a real problem in Maryland that negatively impacts the state’s economy and costs the state good jobs. MDCALA’s campaign is aimed at holding legislators accountable for making Maryland more prosperous and competitive. The billboard is designed to serve as a reminder to lawmakers that they must stand up to the special interests of the personal injury bar. Lobbyists for the personal injury bar are notorious for using sneaky maneuvers and tactics to expand litigation through legislation – and MDCALA is already seeing signs that they are working behind closed doors to push a lawsuit-creation agenda that will harm everyday taxpayers, doctors, nurses, patients, and small business owners.
MDCALA was able to launch this campaign thanks to the generous contributions of partners and supporters.

Look out for a guest post next week by MDCALA Executive Director, Todd Lamb.